Fishing in Saskatchewan, Canada

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Saskatchewan Fishing

Saskatchewan is a popular freshwater fishing destination. The province is famous for having over 100,000 lakes that cover almost one-third of the land. Saskatchewan welcomes anglers to visit and take advantage of the water sports available in their province. Visitors must observe the fishing regulations and rules of the area.

Fishing Seasons

Saskatchewan has three management zones to help regulate the fishing activities. The southern zone begins at the border of the United States and extends northward to Prince Albert. This encompasses most of the prairie land section of the province. Fishing season here begins in May and ends in March or April.

You can check out Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations HERE

Fishing Licenses

Anyone 16 years old or above must have a fishing license to fish in Saskatchewan. Anglers may choose between a three day license or an annual permit. There are Saskatchewan resident, Canadian resident, and non-resident licenses available.

Members of the First Nations Tribe may fish, bowfish, and spearfish without a license. Saskatchewan residents 65 years old or above may obtain an annual license free. The licenses are available online or by mail. Most fishing outfitter companies are able to help their customers obtain a license also.

Types of Fish

Saskatchewan Fishing.There are 68 species of fish in the waters of Saskatchewan. The Walleye is the most popular game fish in the province. It is found all over, but prefers the deepest lakes.

The biggest of these are around three pounds. Other types include Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Yellow Perch, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout.

Fishing Packages

An ideal way to enjoy sportsfishing in Saskatchewan is with a fishing package. These enable anglers to fly into the northern wilderness of Canada and stay at a luxury lodge situated near a pristine fishing lake. These packages include private quarters, guided tours, and lakes full of trophy fish. These fishing lodges are all over Saskatchewan including the arctic section. Many of them have private airstrips that allow them to fly in guests or some allow the guests to fly themselves to the lodge. All of them offer unrivaled freshwater sports fishing opportunities. Chartered air services connect guests to any of the fly-in lodges.


Saskatchewan has four seasons. Winter begins in November and lasts until Spring which is usually mid-April. Fishing season lasts most of the year and does not slow down because of weather. Ice fishing is very popular in the coldest parts of the province.

Transportation to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has more roads for the size of its population than any other part of Canada. Several major highways service the province including TransCanada Highway One and TransCanada Yellowhead Highway 16 if traveling from east or west.

Highway 39 is for those coming north from the United States. There are also two major bus companies plus smaller private companies if needed. International Airports are available in Regina and Saskatoon. Several major airlines fly to these hubs and regional and charter airlines provide service to places around the province including fishing lodges.

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