Fishing in Quebec Canada

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The wild lakes and streams of Quebec offer anglers great opportunities to pursue a number of species using a variety of fishing techniques. Whether fly fishing tackle or a bait casting rod feels best in your hand, Quebec offers great fishing conditions.

Rules and Regulations
A sport-fishing license is required before taking to the waters in Quebec. Licenses vary with special considerations given for anglers over the age of 65. Short term licenses reduce the cost for visitors who plan to spend a vacation fishing. Fishing for Atlantic salmon and burbot require special permits. Purchase a fishing license at any bait or tackle shop in the province. An angler is required to produce the license on the request of any game and fish regulatory office

Quebec offers a wide variety of fish species depending on the waters. Some lakes and streams contain species such as bass, pike, walleye and muskellunge. These species all prey on smaller fish and are often taken with live bait or artificial lures. Other waters in Quebec contain species related to the salmon family. These include Atlantic and landlocked salmon as well as lake, brown, rainbow and brook trout and char and whitefish. Lesser species, but still great sporting fish, include perch, sturgeon and catfish. Anglers can choose their waters based on the fish species they wish to pursue although many waters contain multiple species of fish offering variety of options in the same location.

Fishing is a year around passion in Quebec. Ice fishing is popular during the winter months. Anglers drill holes through the ice and drop lures into the water. While the sport requires cold weather clothing it can be a comfortable way to enjoy some sport through the long winter. Fishing through the summer months can involve powerboats on large lakes or shore fishing in streams or lakes. Check local regulations for information on any closed seasons in the spring of the year.

Catch and Release
Many sportsmen prefer to release their catch to help maintain a viable population in the fishery. In some waters, this is mandatory but can be practiced on a voluntary basis in any lake or stream. The best practices for catch and release fishing include using small barbless hook and handling the fish as little as possible. A quick photograph of the fish provides proof of the catch. The memories of a fish caught and released are just as vivid as one taken from the lake.

Fishing Lodges – there are plenty to chose from!

Lake Ogascanan Lodge and Outposts

The epitome of the Quebec fishing experience awaits you at Lake Ogascanan Lodge, which is located 60 miles into the rugged Quebec outback. Because we are the sole outfitter and land owner of the 15-mile Lake Ogascanan, yellow and blue walleyes thrive in our lake. Impressive northern pike tend to attack the walleye while on stringers and hooks. And eye-popping lake trout weigh in up to 35 pounds.

At Lake Ogascanan Lodge, there is a main camp and five remote outposts reachable only by boat access. We provide guests with excellent cabins and quality boats containing new motors. This is a family owned and operated outpost business, and quality service is our main goal.

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