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Ontario offers fishing opportunities for everyone from young children to expert fishermen intent on catching a mountable trophy fish. With a variety of fishing waters accessible, a myriad of native fish inhabiting them, and location-specific equipment available for purchase, Ontario offers you the ideal fishing trip.

When you plan your fishing trip to Ontario, feel free to bring your own boat. Most campgrounds and lodges near the lakes and rivers have docks available to use or rent. If you don’t have your own boat, many cottage communities and resorts offer their own boats for rent, which can vary from family-style pontoons to small bass boats or aluminum rowboats.

You can also buy a map of the waters or hire a fishing guide or charter service to guide your fishing adventure. Charter services and guides can help direct you to the more adventurous fish, such as salmon, muskie, or trout, which you may have more trouble locating on your own.

In addition to the easy-to-find Great Lakes on the southern border of Ontario, the province also has thousands of other lakes scattered throughout the terrain. To visit some of the more remote lakes, a tour operator may be required to fly you by private plane or helicopter to a solitary cabin on the water. Other interior lakes are accessible by canoe or by boat only, and tour guides are available to help you find those locations. While the remoteness of some of these lakes may seem a little daunting, you will be able to truly appreciate the natural and untamed beauty of the Canadian wilderness while fishing.

Ontario Canada Fishing

Ontario Brook Trout

If you are an expert fisherman, be sure to check out some of the most sought-after trophy fish in Canada. You could catch a record-setting muskellunge in the northwestern region or a magnificent brook trout in the James Bay Frontier.

Those more interested in fishing in the Great Lakes have the opportunity to catch some truly impressive walleye. Fishing during the designated seasons for these species of fish could yield some spectacular trophy or wall-mountable fish.

For those who care less about keeping their prize fish, many of the province’s larger lakes and regions have frequent and well-respected tournaments. Fishermen from around North America gather at many of these tournaments with their eyes on record-setting recognition and cash winnings. Most of these contests focus on “catch and release,” humanely keeping the giant fish in the waters to be caught another day.

Avid ice fishermen have the opportunity to fish in the southern portions of the province for three months in the winter, while the northern regions sport ice for closer to five months. You can lodge at a resort or rent a hut to enjoy the icy weather, but those who dress appropriately are typically rewarded for their perseverance with great catches.

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Families looking to take a fishing trip together need look no further than the waters of Ontario. A variety of lodging options are sprinkled across the province, ranging in luxury from campgrounds to resorts. Your family can choose as much or as little comfort as you want in your fishing vacation, and local tourist companies and resorts are more than willing to assist you in any way.

The many species of fish in Ontario bite quickly and frequently, providing ongoing entertainment for children and other members of your family, but for those who do not enjoy fishing quite as much, choose a resort featuring or near other amenities. Horse ranches, shopping malls, restaurants, zoos, and theme parks can provide entertainment for your family members who are less interested in fishing.

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