Fishing in Nunavut – NWT, Canada

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Nunavut – NWT

Fishing in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Canada, provides ample opportunities for catching numerous types of fish. Northwest Canada is home to many fast-flowing rivers and local guides to help you in your fishing endeavors. Canadians and visitors enjoy ice fishing in the spring and sport fishing in the summer and fall months.

People who wish to fish in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut must purchase a fishing license. Many of the areas to fish here provide beautiful, natural surroundings that are only accessible by plane. Some types of fish you can expect to find include inconnu, pickerel, lake whitefish, bull trout, burbot, Arctic char, Arctic grayling, northern pike, and lake trout.

The Northwest Territories of Canada encompass a 1.17 million kilometer expanse of forests, mountains, and tundra. White wolves and white whales can be spotted here, as well as bison, bears, moose, caribou, and many other wildlife species. Beautiful and serene lakes and rivers abound, as do the fish.

The areas are protected and not many fishermen are allowed to fish simultaneously, so plan ahead and get clearance. Some lakes that are great for fishing in the Northwest Territories include Mosquito Lake, Great Slave Lake, Aylmer Lake, Hottah Lake, Great Bear Lake, and Kasba Lake. Many people enjoy fly fishing for grayling and lake trout here.

Prime areas for fishing in Nunavut include Yellowknife and Bathurst Inlet. Picturesque waterfalls, casual atmospheres, and much wildlife abound. Fly fishing is a popular sport amongst the locals and visitors as lake trout, Arctic Char, northern pike, threespine stickleback, and Arctic grayling are abundant. Some lakes that are perfect for fishing in Nunavut include lakes Ennadai, Nettilling, Nueltin, Amadjuak, Baker, Dubawnt, Angikuni, Contwoyto, Kaminak, and Mallery.

The pristine Ekaluk and Kazan rivers are virtually untouched and provide unparalleled fishing experiences. Many fly-in lodges and wilderness camps can be found in beautiful Nunavut, such as Ennadai Lake Lodge, Tukto Lodge, Treeline Lodge, Bathurst Inlet Lodge, and Nueltin Narrows Lodge. Many of these can be accessed through fly-ins from Winnipeg, Manitoba and are far from civilization, providing for a very calm and peaceful fishing experience.

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