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Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland Sportfishing Offers Many Opportunities

The waters of Newfoundland offer fishing numerous angling adventures. The maritime province offers both inland and sea fishing opportunities for sportsmen. Fishing regulations vary depending on the location and species of fish.

In general, trout and salmon make up the bulk of the inland fishing opportunities. Numerous species of trout and salmon exist in the varying waters of Newfoundland. Brook trout provide the largest number of fishing opportunities and can be either landlocked, spending their entire lives in freshwater streams, or sea run that live part of their lives in the ocean.

Arctic char, another species within the trout family also exists as either freshwater fish or spending part of its live at sea. Fisheries officials have stocked brown and rainbow trout in some waters although these are not native species to the province. Most Atlantic salmon live part of their lives at sea and return to the streams of Newfoundland to spawn. However, in some waters anglers pursue landlocked salmon.

Deep-sea fishermen may also pursue tuna off the coast of Newfoundland. Most commonly, tuna fishing is a commercial pursuit with controlled seasons and quotas. In addition, cod fishing opportunities exist in many of the bays and harbors of Newfoundland.

Newfoundland requires inland anglers to possess a fishing license. There are separate licenses for trout and salmon. The trout licenses is only required for non-resident anglers while the salmon license is required of residents also. Licenses are available at most tackle, sporting goods and hardware stores throughout the province. Newfoundland and the neighboring province of Labrador have combined fishing regulations and enforcement. Limits and restrictions vary on different waters and with different species. Consult the fisheries regulations, available on the Internet, or local guides and outfitters for details on fishing rules.

Outfitters and Guides
Numerous guides, lodges and outfitters specialize in providing services to anglers. Often lodges provide fishing guides as well as rooms and meals for a complete vacation experience. The expertise provided by these services often enhances the fishing opportunity by providing detailed information on the best bait and tackle as well as ideal locations.

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