Fishing in Manitoba, Canada

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Fishing in Manitoba

With countless lakes and rivers spread across a beautiful Canadian landscape, Manitoba is what’s known as a fishing paradise. The province is filled with a wide variety of exciting fish, including pike, walleye, rainbow trout and huge catfish. Purely casual anglers enjoy the fishing in Manitoba just as much as the big trophy seekers do, and visitors can experience the region’s fresh water sources year round with ice fishing adventures available in the winter.

Huge portions of Manitoba have never been touched by industrialization or residential development, leaving many of the water sources across the province in pristine condition. It’s not hard to find a lake, stream or river that can be fished in complete solitude. Imagine sitting in your boat and enjoying the crisp fresh air with only the sun and water as your company, or image standing in a quiet stream with the only sounds coming from your line casting off or the water trickling over nearby rocks


Manitoba is home to some of the biggest fresh water fish available in North America. Huge northern pike and monster channel catfish can pull at your line until the muscles in your arms have reached their limit. For the less ambitious, there are tons of smaller trout and bass that are always willing to take a bite. No matter what kind of fish you are looking to catch, the lakes and rivers of Manitoba can accommodate any type of fishing goal you have.

When it comes to competitive sports fishing, Manitoba is an exciting place to angle. The prestigious network of Manitoba Anglers draws in fishing fans from all across the world to compete for more than 3,000 badges. There are a variety of different challenges for all types of skill levels and species of fish. But fishing in Manitoba isn’t just for dedicated anglers, families from all over enjoy a quiet day out on the boat, and kids love to reel in the first catch of their lives.

Manitoba residents love to fish, and that is why natives of the region are world leaders in progressive fish management. The region implemented a catch-and-release program to help preserve the fish populations of all species. Barbless hooks are required so that minimal damage is done to the fish when caught. Anglers follow these rules with the knowledge that protecting the fish populations means quality fishing conditions for years and decades to come.

With preservation in mind, Manitoba is sure to remain a premiere fishing destination for decades to come

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