Fishing in Alberta, Canada

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Fishing Adventures in Alberta

Fishing in the Canadian province of Alberta provides great adventure in wonderfully scenic lands. Anglers can pursue a number of species throughout the province. Depending on the body of water, fishermen may have opportunities for trout of a number of species, sturgeon, pike, walleye or perch. Different species and waters require different fishing techniques offering a variety of adventures for the Alberta sportsman.

The western Canada province of Alberta includes much of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the west with open prairie covering much of the eastern areas. Trout fishing opportunities abound in the mountain streams while lake fishing is more common in the prairie areas. The Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division divides the province into 10 regulatory districts for sport fishing. Alberta laws require residents and nonresidents to hold a valid fishing license. Short-term licenses reduce the cost for travelers who include an Alberta fishing trip in their vacation plans.

Fly fishing for trout in the Canadian Rockies combines great fishing with great scenery. Some fisheries are remote and may only be reached by air. Others offer easier access. Lodges, guide services and outfitters provide services to fishermen not familiar or equipped for the local waters. Some of the trout streams of the Alberta mountain regions include the Bow, Livingstone, Oldman, Saskatchewan and North Ram. All of these fisheries offer seasonal fishing opportunities. Contact local guides and outfitters for recommendations on flies and tackle.

The prairie regions of Alberta offer some top walleye and pike fisheries. Many of these waters also allow ice fishing during winter months extending the fishing seasons. Walleye, pike and walleye sport fishing utilizes lures or live bait depending on the waters and the angler’s preference. Some of the waters include Amethyst Lakes, Arrowhead Lake and the Athabasca River. Some of the northern pike waters can also include graying and goldeneye offering increased fishing opportunities.

If you look at fishing as a competitive sport, Alberta offers a number of walleye tournaments each year. Most of the tournaments are associated with the Southern Alberta Walleye Trail or the Northern Alberta Walleye Trail. Total weight of legal fish caught determines the winners of these tournaments. Local anglers who compete in a number of tournaments each year contest for season long honors. In some fishing tournaments, the top prize can be as much as $50,000.

Visiting anglers in Alberta may wish to work with and outfitter or guide. These services know the local waters and can recommend the best bait and tackle as well as put the fisherman on the best waters for the species they pursue. Many of these commercial operations have a presence on the Internet listing te best seasons, rates and listing the services they provide. For more advanced anglers, public fishing waters are available in many areas of Alberta.

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