Fishing in Canada

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Fishing in Canada

Saltwater and freshwater fish abound in the lakes, streams, and shores of Canada. Over three million people each year enjoy fishing in Canada’s waters, and as many as 200 different species of fish thrive here. With fishing charters, fishing lodges, and numerous campgrounds, Canada is an excellent, exciting, and relaxing place to enjoy the sport of fishing. Salmon Chinook, pink, and sockeye salmon are plentiful in the rivers of Canada as well as along the western coastline of British Colombia. British Columbia is definitely the favorite fishing spot for salmon. Fishing charters are available and they will provide all of the equipment you will need. The peak season for salmon in Canada runs from June through September.


Walleye fishing is perhaps the most popular type of fishing in Canada because Canada is known for its huge, strong, and extremely numerous walleye. Sometimes the best places to fish for walleye are only accessible through the air because these places are fished less so the walleye grow to amazing proportions.

You can hire guides that will help with lure and bait decisions and also provide fishing equipment. The Red River and Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba are two of the best spots for landing huge walleye. Lake of the Woods, Lac Seul, and Lake Nipissing are three more excellent locations known for their numerous and large walleye.

Fly Fishing in Canada

Canada’s numerous and beautifully tranquil lakes, rivers, and streams are great places to enjoy the great sport of fly fishing. Salmon, trout, Northern Pike, Steelhead, and walleye can be found in abundance, mainly in the large and fast-moving rivers of the west and east coasts. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are known for their peaceful streams and brooks in which Pacific and Atlantic salmon, Steelhead trout, and brook trout abound.

Ice Fishing

A trip to Canada is not complete without an exciting, yet perfectly relaxing ice fishing venture. The peak season for ice fishing is January through late February, and the best place to enjoy the sport is in Northern Ontario around Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Enjoy catching trout, perch, walleye, Northern Pike, and whitefish on your trip.

Other Places in Canada to Fish

Canada is a huge country absolutely filled with beautiful and flowing rivers and streams and crisp lakes, perfect for fishing for many species of fish.

In the northern parts of Canada, such as Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunuvut, arctic grayling, arctic char, and Kakanee are plentiful. British Colombia is perfect for finding great Pacific Chinook, Coho, and chum salmon. Central and Eastern Canada is home to many waters that house lake trout, muskellunge, and northern pike.

Going further east to New Brunswick, you’ll find wonderful Atlantic salmon. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are famous for their plentiful and large brook trout. Newfoundland and Labrador are likewise known for their Atlantic salmon and rainbow and steelhead trout.

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